A Note from Angie

Dear Friends, Family & Sisters of Faith,
It is with a great sadness that I am having to make the decision to cancel the May 14th & 15th , 2021 Tea Time with God conference!
When Covid made landfall in 2020 and the world became an abnormal and most uncertain place I chose to grab the earliest open weekend date available in 2021 that would have the potential of nice weather. Knowing the fall of 2020 would be impaired by the fears of covid, I didn’t attempt to pursue Tea Time when I had planned.
As the new year came and my team and I began to plan and spread the word hoping that covid would take a new direction we knew we were working on borrowed time unlike the first conference. With all the advertising and publication, word of mouth, pastors in churches spreading the word and a multitude of amazing women sharing throughout a community of churches we are not getting the response we were expecting. Even with the cry for us to have it every year and the positive impact the first one brought to so many lives, we are feeling the sting and magnitude of God’s timing! I understand that people are also watching their finances and have concerns of the unknowns we are facing in our country at the present time.
Although, I am aware that with a mustard seed of faith and through fasting and prayer God can do amazing things, I believe with my whole heart he still can and will…WHEN HE IS READY!
In 2018, as I was planning for the conference, God spoke to me a clear message…”Stop focusing on the planning and let ME control the plan!” from there I had no fears or reservations about how it would turn out because I let him do his thing through me.
In 2021 his message recently became clear again and is that MY TIMEFRAME DOESN’T MATCH HIS TIMING! May isn’t the time! Fall seemed to be a wonderful time in 2018 as it’s a great time to gather, shop and pray going into the holiday season.
Although May 2021 isn’t the right time, I am going to be praying intently over the next few weeks for God’s timing and the season that will bring forth a harvest that only he can produce.
To the vendors and attendees that have registered and paid we will contact you per your refunds. We will keep our theme so keep your hats and dresses ready!
I ask that you join me in praying for God’s timing and his harvest as we navigate through this cancellation and the decisions on a new date. Thank you for your understanding and patience.
Love in Christ,

Looking to participate as a vendor?  Visit our Tea Time with God Vendor page

Looking to participate as a vendor?