Revival At The Prickel Barn

Open To All

God has placed a calling on The Prickel Barn for a great harvest and revival through the prayers and visions he sent to several people….Therefore we are answering the call. 

Dates and times: 

4/14 5pm until God closes 

4/15 9 am until God close

4/16 9 am until God closes

What to bring:

Chairs, pillow, blanket, Food, snacks, soft drinks, water. In case you are there a length of time. 

*And an open heart* 

(We have seating but just in case we run out) 

What to expect: 

Prayer, worship, open testimonies and baptisms if desired…and for God to show up and show off! 

What we need: 

Volunteers for prayer
Volunteers for worship
Volunteers for helping around the venue. 

Come as you are…God knows the details and the outcome! 

His will be done!